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Ozone Generators: Promising Preventative for Coronavirus

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Coronavirus preventatives, cures, and disinfectants are around every corner, but which ones are actually based in fact? Researchers are scrambling to find ways to keep the virus at bay while alcohol and hand sanitizer fly off the shelves.

Recently, Fujita Health University found that low concentrations of ozone can counteract coronavirus particles.

What Researchers Found About Ozone & Coronavirus

These findings have huge implications from keeping classrooms safe to sanitizing hospital examination rooms. Ozone could be the answer to keeping high traffic areas safe. The research experiment found that harmless levels of ozone (0.05 to 0.1 parts per million) are capable of killing the virus.

According to the lead researcher, Takayuki Murata, “Transmission of the novel coronavirus may be reduced by continuous, low-concentration ozone treatment, even in environments where people are present, using this kind of system.” He noted that it was even more effective in high levels of humidity. Specifically, the potency of the virus was reduced by about 90% when it was placed in a sealed chamber with low levels of ozone for 10 hours.

Another study by the Georgia Institute of Technology suggested ozone could be a safe method to clean PPE like gowns and goggles. Ozone is emerging as a safe and effective way to reduce Coronavirus both in the air and on surfaces.

In addition to neutralizing COVID-19, ozone effectively removes odors like food odor, mold and mildew smells, tobacco smoke odor, and pet smells as well. It destroys the particles that create these odors and eliminates germs. They also work on carpeting, clothing, upholstery, and even the air itself.

How Does An Ozone Generator Work?

An ozone generator works by generating extra oxygen molecules that interact with the germ and odor molecules. This changes the chemical structure and causes a process called oxidation. Oxidation causes a complete transformation in these molecules.

You might be familiar with how this process happens naturally during a thunderstorm. A bolt of lightning “tears” through oxygen molecules and the single oxygen atoms floating around bond with oxygen to become ozone (O2 becomes O3).

Can I Buy Ozone Equipment For My Home & Office?

Yes! There are commercial and residential products on the market today that will fit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to disinfect your restaurant, office, or storefront, or just cut down on potential pathogens at the home, there are several types of products and brands you can use such as Ozone UV Air Purifiers and PureAir Activated Oxygen Air Sanitizers.

Dust Free Dust Fighter Filters

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Dust Fighter, Allergy Gold,
MAXAire Gold Electrostatic Filters by Dust Free

What is an Electrostatic Filter?
Electrostatic air filters are able to capture many of the allergens that aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. Pollen, molds, and dust are common in any household and can be reduced by using electrostatic air filtration.
Electrostatic air filtration can remove symptom-causing dust, pollen, mold, and dander, as air circulates through your central air system.
The electrostatic technology uses a patented configuration of woven filtration media plus a medical quality, anti-microbial, foam core which inhibits mold and bacteria growth.

  • Permanent and washable technology
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Integral part of whole house air quality program
  • Compatible with all HVAC systems

How it Works
Our electrostatic air filters manufactured by Dust Free utilize synthetic material which develops an electrostatic charge as friction is applied to the plastic fibers. In the filters case, air flowing through the filter provides the necessary friction.
This can be demonstrated by rubbing the surface of the filter with a cloth briskly and placing the filter over light weight flakes of material such as tea leaves, or styrofoam chips.
The small chips will be attracted to the filter surface and held there due to the charge that developed on the filter as a result of rubbing it. The electrostatic charge that is developed as air passes through the filter, increases the filters attraction to particles such as pollen, molds, and dust.
Monthly washing will keep the electrostatic filtration material operating at peak efficiency. Simply wash with household detergent and water.

An electrostatic filter is generally effective in capturing particles 1 micron and larger. A micron is 1/25,000 of an inch. Some of the particles Dust Free filters are able to capture include house dust, lint, animal dander, pollen, mold spores, and skin flakes. Particles and their size in microns

Do you want a better air filter? Get a Dust Fighter, Allergy Gold, or MaxAire Gold electrostatic air filters.