AIRsteril Multi


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Features & Benefits

  • Kills pathogens in the air and on all exposed surfaces
  • Removes embarrassing odor by treating the root cause
  • Elimina tes ba cteria and viruses in the air and on surfa ces
  • Destroys mold and fungi
  • Reduces absenteeism (including staff)
  • Reduc es chemic al usage
  • Continuously sanitizes all exposed surfaces 24/7
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Product Description

In enclosed spaces, micro-organisms and/or
airborne mold spores and dust create offensive
odors, spread infections and compromise hygiene
standards. Traditional cleaning methods, hepa
filters and masking agents are not enough. After
cleaning, once an area is re-used harmful microorganisms
can return and grow at a rapid rate
immediately. Odors prevail and the health risks
increase for your staff and your building is at risk of
contamination and spoilage.
The multi flex units are suitable for use in areas of
continuous occupation in enclosed spaces. Small
compact and lightweight aesthetically designed
air and surface sterilization systems. The mf is fan
driven and can easily be ceiling or wall mounted
for continuous operation via a spur from a lighting
circuit. Alternatively, the unit is supplied standard
with a plug and feet for temporary use on a raised
flat surface.

Model Stock Code Weight Volts Trim Warranty Lamp Life Covera ge Lamp Size
MF40 9438791219 5.3 lb 100 – 220V 25 wa tts aluminum 1 Year 9,000 Hours 430 sq. ft 39mg
MF60 9438791220 5.3 lb 100 – 220V 25 wa tts aluminum 1 Year 9,000 Hours 645 sq. ft 50mg
MF80 9438791221 5.3 lb 100 – 220V 25 wa tts aluminum 1 year 9,000 Hours 860 sq. ft 70mg

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430 SQ. FT, 640 SQ. FT, 860 SQ. FT


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