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Disinfect Entire Rooms with The Apollo UV-C Lamp

UV-C light with ozone helps kill bacteria, viruses, allergens, and mold efficiently. It can purify the air and remove odors in 360° to help create a safer living environment.

The Apollo UV-C Disinfection Lamp harness this Germicidal UV-C light at 60 Watts to have an effective disinfection range of up to 645 sq. ft.

This size is large enough to disinfect most rooms in a very quick and effective manner. See the Smart UV Portable for smaller areas like car, bathroom, babys room, office cubicle, or targeted areas.

It’s also Two-In-One Cleaning, with UV-C light and ozone to disinfect surfaces, deodorize and purify the air

NOTE: The ozone produced from Smart UV contains odor and should be ventilated for 45 minutes after disinfection

We made Apollo with adjustable activation timers to allow for easy adjustments and for varying room sizes.

Timers range from 15-60 minutes and automatically shut off when finished.

The Apollo is equipped with three automatic shut off 5-meter motion detection sensors to protect pets and unexpected visitors.

Apollo is sized at just under 2 feet at 20 inches it’s still very portable. To clean smaller areas like your car, bathroom, pet room, baby’s room, cabinets, washing rooms, or targeted areas in your room see the Smart UV Portable.

The effectiveness of Apollo comes from not it’s size, but from the power of wattage for the lamp.

At 60 Watts, pathogens and allergens and mold are killed quickly, easily, and with reliability in effective ranges of up to 25 feet out, for the hour-long setting.

Voltage: 110V
Wattage: 60W
Output Wattage: 170-180μW/cm2
Size: 20 x 7 x 7 inches
Range: 25ft/645 sq. ft.
Wavelength: 253.7nm | 180nm


  1. Press and hold the ON / OFF key for 3 seconds until it lights up.
  2. Set your custom disinfection time, for 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
  3. Apollo won’t turn on until the user walks at least 3 meters away.
  4. Apollo automatically turns off after running for the set duration.
  5. Let the room air out for 45 minutes to allow for the ozone to disperse.
  6. Return to the room and enjoy a clean, fresh room.

What are the benefits of a Germicidal UV-C Lamp?

UV-C light has been shown to inactivate viruses and can kill bacteria and germs in ~10 seconds at 6 inches away. [1]

We extend this out for up to 25 feet of coverage in 360° – across large rooms with adjustable timers to conform to different room sizes.

This yields good results and clean rooms. The Apollo’s effectiveness is lowered after 25 feet of coverage.

The disinfection that comes from UV-C light disrupts the DNA of bacteria and viruses and they cannot build up an immune response to it.

As these pathogens are exposed to UV-C light, they’re rendered inactivated, can’t reproduce, and become ineffective.

Two-In-One Cleaning

Germicidal UV-C light inactivates viruses and purifies the air. Air purification happens comes from the ozone created from The Apollo. The germicidal UV-C light kills pathogens. The two cleaning methods work in synergy for the Two-In-One Cleaning effect.

Bacteria, germs, and viruses are inactivated because UV light disrupts their DNA. They lose vitality and function. The result is clean surfaces and fresh air. You’ll want to leave the room after you turn on the Apollo.

[Note: The ozone produced from Smart UV contains odor and should be ventilated for 45 minutes after disinfection]

The Apollo is made with an automatic shut off 5-meter motion sensor for pets and unexpected visitors.

Strong Cleaning Entire Rooms and Large Spaces

The Apollo runs at 60 watts for powerful disinfection and is sized at just under 2 feet. The size of UV-C lamps is not where the power and range come from, but the wattage of the lamp.

Covering up to 645 sq. ft The Apollo is designed to clean Entire Rooms and Large Spaces.

You can disinfect bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, studios, offices, and other entire rooms to keep your spaces clean, disinfect, safe, and with crisp clean air.

Just plug the Apollo in, pick your adjusted time frame, and come back after letting the room air out (45 minutes after The Apollo shuts off) – and you’ll have peace of mind that your room is safe.

Give Confidence To Customers, Clients, and Family.

A lamp that emits Germicidal UVC Light the most effective disinfection method available. You can place the lamp in any room, turn it on, leave, and everywhere the light hits will have an active consistent disinfection agent working to sanitize the area.

The Apollo is beautifully designed. Show your customers, clients, and family the level of clean you provide and restore confidence.

You save time cleaning and when The Apollo is finished it’s a physical product that can be seen as proof for the disinfection that has been done.

Designed With Safety In Mind

The Apollo UV-C Lamp is designed with safety in mind. It’s easy to follow UV-C best practices with this Disinfection Lamp.

Automatic shut off timers and 5-Meter automatic shut off motion detection allow for this.

Unexpected visitors coming too close to the power of UV-C light will turn The Apollo off instantly.

Pets that accidentally slip into the room won’t be exposed to the UV-C light either this way.

The ozone that The Apollo releases isn’t safe until it airs out, and it is best to leave the room immediately if entered into, even after Apollo shuts off. 45 Minutes for the ozone to dissipate back into oxygen is the recommended timeframe.

All content and media on the The Apollo is created and published online for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Scientific laboratory testings do show that UVC light, like the one radiated by The Apollo, are able to inactivate and kill up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi under perfect laboratory conditions, however individual effects and results may vary.

[1] Inactivation of the coronavirus that induces severe acute respiratory syndrome, SARS-CoV: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3831650/.

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5 reviews for Apollo UV-C Disinfection Lamp

  1. uvairpurifiers

    Definitely work!
    The lamp arrived today. I tested it for 15 minutes using UVC exposure cards. Definitely works.

  2. uvairpurifiers

    UVC sterilization
    I bought 3 Apollo lights for my dental practice and I love them! The timer is a great feature. I know my patients are happy that we are using UVC lights we can to keep us and them safe.
    Just what I needed!!!
    Works excellent for bedroom, kitchen and living room!!!! Thinking about getting a small one for bathrooms and closets!!!! Im very happy with it!!!!

  3. uvairpurifiers

    Great investment
    Works great. Hopefully it really is killing these germs. No way to verify but a lot of good data that the UV-C works.

  4. uvairpurifiers

    Great product/ great service
    We are pleased with our portable units and the Apollo units. We use them in our dental office daily. I know the UV light works to disinfect because many years ago I worked in a veterinary research lab at LSU and they had UV lights everywhere. After Covid 19 became a major issue I was searching for a UV light system that fit my needs and this is what I was seeking. The service has been terrific.

  5. uvairpurifiers

    Love it!
    Easy to use and well made. I purchased another brand and fell apart after 5 uses. I have sold 5 more to my clients.

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