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Fresh Air Cube is a highly compact and surprisingly high-powered, odor-removing, and pollutant-eliminating device. Thanks to its dimensions, this unit can be placed in any location desired, to target the mold and contaminants on nearby surfaces, while also reducing the potency of smelly sources.

You may be a science person, or you may be a nature person, but why choose one when FreshAir Cube successfully combines both. It carefully recreates the natural process of air purification and adds innovative odor-eliminating, pollutant-reducing technologies so that you may transform your home into one green zone. FreshAir Cube comes with ActivePure Technology onboard, which is a Certified Space Technology™, passively boosting health parameters. From now on, all those old chemical aerosols and wipes will be replaced with the technology of the future.

Advantages of FreshAir Cube:

  • Lessens the number of airborne pollutants and allergens drastically improving life and health of those, who suffer from asthma and allergy symptoms.
  • Keeps air fresh and clean, reduces unpleasant odors, refreshes the environment in stale-prone zones.
  • Removes heavy dirt and dust particles from the air.

In FreshAir Cube we combined our most efficient technologies to make your life better, easier and healthier. This device is suitable for installation in small areas to keep them filled with freshest and cleanest air.

  • Firm ActivePure Technology produces super oxide ions and hydro peroxides against air contaminants.
  • Ions with the negative charge attract and catch micro particles in the air, thus reducing the amount of allergens and harmful pollutants.
  • Has one high intensity UVC light to reproduce natural oxidation and ionization – it’s like walking under the sun indoors.
  • Features Away Mode, which can be set to 2 hours to increase unit’s oxygen output for amazing effectiveness, while no one’s at home.
  • Effectively covers areas up to 1,500 sq. feet.

Today many indoor environments are filled with all kinds of airborne particles, but with FreshAir Cube you can eliminate almost 100% of them and be sure to breathe in the air that is also germ free.

FreshAir Cube operates safely, almost silently and quickly. It neutralizes unwanted gasses and harmful air irritants like smoke, odors, and heavy particles of dust, pollen and mold. Also removes microscopic bacteria and viruses.

FreshAir Cube is distinguished with the NASA technology considering flexibility, functionality and simple operation. With it air indoors always stays refreshed, clean and germ free.

FreshAir Cube proves to be a perfect purifier and air cleaner for indoors sanitization on areas
up to 1,500 square feet.
FreshAir Cube shows amazing purification results at homes and in small offices as well. With the technology approved by NASA you can be 100% positive that you’re breathing nothing but fresh and clean air.


Ozone: 100 mg/hr (Away Mode)
Power Usage: 100 – 240v AC power adapter
Consumption: 21 watts
Coverage: 1,500 sq. feet
Size: 6.5″ wide x 6.5″ high x 7″ deep
Weight: 3 lbs
Warranty: 1-year

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