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Looking for a compact, mobile, easy to use, but also powerful enough device to breathe clean air daily? FreshAir To Go Mobile by EcoQuest is just what you need! Featuring original ActivePure Technology this small unit is capable of things many other compact purifiers cannot do. Activate it whenever you feel like area around needs to be purified, so you can breathe easier. Fresh Air To Go eliminates odors, smoke, particles of pollen in air, so feel free to use it in your office, apartment, car, hotel room or any other small zone.

Personal Healthy Zone

In modern world almost every person has to commute on a daily basis, not to mention vacation or business trips. FreshAir To Go Mobile comes in handy in situations like this, since it’s really ideal for generating clean and fresh air in your car, R.V. or camper. This unit shines when it comes to air purifying objectives, because not only it adopts high intensity UVC lighting from full-sized devices, but also utilizes revolutionary ActivePure Technology, which bears unique label «Space Certified». The FreshAir To Go Mobile is not bigger than your average modern smartphone, so you won’t have hard time carrying it. If you want to enjoy fresh air without contaminants and allergens anywhere, it will be your best bet!

Advantages of FreshAir To Go Mobile:

  • Healthier environment equals healthier body. This device immediately reduces the level of air contamination, removing allergens and heavy particles.
  • Fresh air means zero unpleasant odors. Even in stale-prone environments.
  • Airborne dirt and dust particles can harm your respiratory tract, but FreshAir To Go Mobile won’t allow it.

An Air Purifier in Your Pocket

The FreshAir To Go Mobile is a product that combines our newest technologies and designs to make sure you’re breathing easier, cleaner and healthier. This wonderful unit makes your environment better and safer.
  • Super oxide ions and hydro peroxides produced by ActivePure Technology push all pollutants out of your comfort zone.
  • Even the smallest particles won’t pass the EcoShield created by FreshAir To Go Mobile, so won’t have to worry about allergens and destructive airborne contaminants.
  • The FreshAir To Go Mobile is armed with one high intensity UVC light to recreate nature’s oxidation and ionizing processes.
  • Easy to use, easy to adapt. Sensitive settings to provide maximum flexibility.
  • Multiple options for customization and adaption of the FreshAir To Go Mobile for any situation imaginable: in a small car, large truck, hotel or camper.
  • Removes smoke, fetid odors, and also pollutants on surfaces, so you may enjoy your stay without any concerns about environment.
Technology: Needlepoint ionization, ActivePure (RCI) cell
Power Usage: 12 Volts, 10 watts
Lint Screens & Filters: none
Applications: Automobiles, 18-wheelers, tractor cabs, hotel rooms, office cubicles
Coverage: 500 ft2
Size: 4 in. wide x 1.25 in. high x 6 in. deep (w/o base)
Weight: 8 oz
Warranty: 1 year
Ships worldwide!


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